Breakdancing Moves: Windmill

In our online breakdancing class we will teach you how to perform the windmill which is an advanced breakdancing power move. The windmill looks impressive when performed and it is for this reason that many people who are new to breakdancing want to learn how to do the move. However, before you learn how to do the windmill you need to learn the other foundations of breakdancing first. You need to learn how to do footwork, uprock and transitions first, as well as educate yourself on safety and stretching components of the dance.

You can watch the video below to see our onlien course instructor windmill in dance competitions. If you want to learn how to breakdance like this then you should consider signing up for our online breakdancing course. Our class can be taken from anywhere in the world and consists of two classes (basic and advanced). In the advanced component of the course you'll learn how to windmill! Click on our "home" button to visit our home page and sign up.


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