Breakdance Style

Learn the different breakdancing styles. Learn about using style, power and grace to execute your favourite moves by enrolling in our online breakdancing class. Learning how to breakdance isn't simply about the memorization of patterns and footwork. It's about making the dance unique to you and looking good while you do it. There are subtle moves you need to be aware of that ensure you don't look robotic on the dance floor. You will want to impress with crowds with your style, grace and seemingly natural coordination. In order to get to this level you'll need to practice often. However, you'll also need to train from breakdancers who know what good breakdancing style looks like.

Our instructor has won numerous awards and can teach you how to breakdance and look good while you do it. To learn more about our program click on our homepage. Alternatively, if you're ready to sign up simply use the link below.

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