What is the Hardest Move in Breaking?

Breaking is hard for the majority of the world’s population. It involves so many intricate movements, endless creativity, defiance of gravity, and the bending of physiological laws that suggest a human body should not be able to do what it actually does when breaking. There is no question about this. There is a question, however, pertaining to the limits that even breaking has. What is the hardest move in this art?

The question has been thrown around for a while now. Some of the more common answers include: headspins, munchmills, flares, jackhammers, or UFOs. Still airflares seems to be one of the most common moves in response to this search. Then again, the level of difficulty of any move directly pertains to the number of times it is executed, the style in which is it delivered, and of course, in general how you do the move.

First of all, any move is bound to be difficult if you are not learning the proper way. Technique is incredibly important in mastering breaking moves. In fact, it is pertinent. Attacking new moves without the guidance of an experienced b-boy, or someone capable of actually teaching the acute technicalities of such an endeavor will likely result in much slower progress, or even worse; an incorrect form. If the moves are not done properly, they will be much harder to muster. Breaking truly is a science of the body in its own way. As well, the continuation of such moves in a fluid, “easy-appearance” style also adds to the level of difficulty to any trick.

Then again, the answer for this question also greatly varies depending on the individual attempting to learn them. Certain physical structures are more prone to being able to flip, reposition body weight, lift, etc. Some people have flexibility as an advantage; where some people are completely stiff and have a difficult time getting past certain positions. Still others are simply too flexible for their own good, and the lack of control hinders them. This being addressed, flares will likely come easier to a guy who has control of his center of gravity (in his chest/shoulder area) rather than a female who lacks the understanding of her heavier sense of gravity in her abdomen. Others find flipping incredibly easy whereas some are regretfully petrified of the thought.

Considering one of the most likely responses to the question, “What is the hardest move in breaking?” the airflare is definitely amongst the toughest. Furthermore, the combination of moves or the slight creative changes due to the desire to enhance style extends the level of difficulty all together. Popular consensus also acknowledges this as a contributable answer.

There are many variables that contribute to accumulating an answer to the question. In fact, there are too many. Just as there isn’t a b-boy that possesses absolutely everything that has ever existed in the art, there is no definitive answer. There are many hard moves in breaking. There are many hard moves that can actually become “easy” to some of the many talented b-boys out there, just as some of those moves will always remain impossible for others. The truth is there is no answer past each individual’s perception. And the only one’s privy to those are the b-boys themselves that have attempted or mastered the moves. What do you think is the hardest move?

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