B-Boy Babies

So perhaps, to a select few, b-boys in diapers isn’t all that far fetched. Baby b-boys dancing freely, spinning, freezing, and mock flipping have become a more common amazement to emerge now days. It isn’t unheard of for a young child of 5or 6 years old to rock a beat, switch up moves on his own without pre-rehearsing a routine, execute power moves, spins, freezes, and uniquely form his own individual style. Some children perform with more accuracy, and dance with more flair than adults. There are fascinating clips on YouTube displaying numerous children exceeding the expectation of talent for their age, while one in particular shows a baby in diapers throwing himself around, pointing his toes in form when freezing, cartwheeling, developing style. Diapers, mind you.

Children prodigies are more commonly seen in music videos, on talk shows such Ellen (DeGeneres), half time shows of professional sports teams, and simply repping themselves at battles. From an adult perspective, it may appear too dangerous to allow a young, undeveloped child to practice handstands and throw himself freely in circles, inevitably to land on the floor with a thump. But it is precisely that which keeps the child from getting hurt. He is completely and utterly deficient of any inhibitions that may prevent him from trying new movements. Because his mind is clear, and more so, like a sponge; he is malleable and able to enter into a realm of creative movement as wide as the young imagination itself. As well, just as an intoxicated victim of a car accident is less likely to be injured because his body reactions were too slow to tense at the point of impact, a child, unaware that he is “supposed” to get hurt if he falls, simply roles into and out of the crashes relaxedly.

Ultimately, to those few extra-fortunate souls, some people just have breaking in their bones. Whether attributed to a genetic pass of the b-boy essence or an influential environment during a child’s earliest days, once a predestined b-boy child gets a taste of this fun and applause-rewarding art, it’s impossible to stop him. Perhaps, it is then, that the best age to start is ideally as young as a child will take interest. For some, that is 6 years old, and then others it is the era of diapers. It sure is amazing, though, to imagine a child loving and understanding the wonder of breaking just as equally as he yearns for a bottle.

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