What Is A BBoy?

Ever wonder what a B-Boy is? Not sure where the term originated? Trying to find an absolute answer to this question can be very tricky because there are not that many people who truly know. There is controversy as to why a B-Boy is called a B-Boy. There are also arguments as to what the .B. stands for. So then, what is a B-Boy?

A B-Boy is a term derivative of breakdancer. Breaking (breakdancing), described as a street dance that originated in the early 1970's in the Bronx, NY, is an element of hip hop that concludes the physical aspect of expression. In all, there are four elements of hip hop. The others are: Graffiti; the visual aspect of art, DJing; the audio manipulation and control of music, and MCing; the intrinsic magic of twisting words. A true B-Boy knows and respects these elements as the wholeness of hip hop. More specifically, however, a B-Boy is one who delivers himself through the art of physical innovation and uninhibited spontaneity.

Similar to the four elements of hip hop, B-Boys encompass four segments that form the foundation of breaking. The first is the Toprock; the upright form of dancing most similar to any other dance style. This includes the Uprock which is the basis for battling another B-Boy directly, plus any other rhythmic step that is exemplified while dancing in the cipher (the middle of the dance circle). The second aspect to this dissection is Footwork (also known as Downrock or Bottomrocking); which includes the .6 step,. acknowledged as the foundation of footwork. Footwork is done in a crouching position with the shoulders over the waist and is a limitless combination of freestyle dance patterns while near to the floor. This also extends into Backrocking, which is continuing the creative flow while on your back. The third aspect of breaking's foundation is called the Freeze; a stationary pose at the end of a round of dancing, showing off flexibility and control of the body. There are many standard freezes in breaking, but it is most impressive when a B-Boy shows off a freeze that few people can master. The fourth and final element is Power; Power moves are perhaps the most impressive movements in breaking. A true B-Boy has trained and practiced diligently enough to master a series of spinning moves on different parts of his body. This includes the back, head, hand, elbow, etc. Many amazing tricks such as the headspin, backspin, windmill, 1990, swipes, and even air flares are direct products of B-Boys using their undying imagination and perseverance to continue evolving their talents and become better than the next. Put these four elements together and you have an all-around stylish B-Boy.

So what does B-Boy stand for? According to most, B-Boy simply stands for Break Boy. The origin of the term breaking began when those who practiced breakdancing danced primarily on the break of a song. When the music had a break from the words and regular melody, there was a prolonged playing of music that was inadvertently filled with B-Boys entering the circle to dance to the beat, adding physical elements to the sound they were moving to. The break of the song designated what type of dancer the boys were, so they were dubbed break boys, or B-Boys. Others have added that the term B-Boy is because the breakdancers were ultimately hitting their peak, or breaking point, when dancing and expressing themselves through the art of breaking.

Ultimately, anyone who is really into hip hop or any of the elements it's comprised of is a B-Boy. Just as there are those who simply .practice martial arts,. there are also true Martial Artists. Someone adapting the lifestyle of his passion has the essence of a B-Boy. On the contrary, one who simply admires the art, or uses it as a shallow benefit is just a breakdancer. In the end, a B-Boy knows he is a B-Boy, living with a freedom that so few possess. He lives a lifestyle of dancing through hardships, using the ground as his canvas and his body as the brush. He answers to a small abbreviated name, but shares the resonance of a universal language which no one can rightfully translate. A B-Boy is infinite.

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