Breaking Resurrected

Breaking, also known to many as breakdancing, is a street dance that originated in the late 1970's in New York City (more specifically the Bronx), quickly spreading throughout all of New York, and then sweeping across the country. Breaking is an urban dance that involves the entire body to its fullest capacity with many dynamic moves that seem to defy gravity. Through this dance the backspin, windmill, and even headspin were invented. This extreme expression was inspired by various talents such as tap dancing, kung fu, gymnastics, and an overall need for pent up energy and aggression to be released. During this time, many of the newfound b-boys (breakdancers) turned from gangs to crews, leaving killing and violence behind for the new common love of dancing in the streets and battling via this dance against those they had conflict with.

As more and more people began turning to breaking and flooding the clubs with this awesome impressive talent, commercialism, too, entered the scene. Music videos, commercials, news clips, and even movies (Breakin', Flashdance, Beat Street) quickly rose to the spotlight, using breaking as a tool to capture the awe of audiences everywhere. Some attribute this media collage to making breakdancing famous, spreading this original dance form to the masses. Others blame these stunts for the disappearance of the very same art in the late 1980's. Either way, breaking died out, fading into the shadows of an underground urban whisper.

Time is an uncanny collector of past treasures. It retells truths buried and overlooked, and it finds a way to uncover secrets withheld. Breaking, in its power and limitless possibilities, is one such secret that has once again begun to thrive.

Years later, this underground dance no longer exists only amongst those loyal to it physically. B-boys began enticing more and more students of the natural wonder and audiences of breaking shows once again spread interest of this mesmerizing art. Dance moves went from simple spins on a body part to combinations of one spin to the next, continuously. Breaking evolved into full forced power moves, all the while maintaining the funk and soul behind its rhythmic movement. Again, Hollywood is enlisting slews of dancers to audition for upcoming commercials, music videos, tours for big name music icons, and of course, movies. To no surprise, though many dancers have lived their entire life in a studio, rehearsing and training, and pirouetting up the skill ladder, it is often the b-boy, the street trained, emotion-powered breakdancer who wins the eyes of the industry.

You can invite breaking into your home by renting current flicks such as You Got Served, Step Up (1, 2, and the upcoming 3D), plus there are many breaking moves in movies that have nothing to do with dancing. Breaking has taken a strong grasp at the rights of fame, but it is still and always will be rooted to the streets of New York where it originated from nothing more than kids being kids, and constructive energy, limitless imagination and freedom of expression. This time around, breaking is here to stay.

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