Many people can grasp a solid image of what a B-Boy (break boy, or breakdancer) looks like when the term comes to mind. They might imagine a young guy dressed with a slight hip hop style crazily rocking to the beat of a funky song, or perhaps he is spinning on his back or even his head. Usually, there is definitely a distinct image of strength, or a smooth, abstract style, or simply a profound skill that appears to defy the natural physics of this world. B-Boys are talented individuals that drive a dedication to morph their bodies into nearly something supernatural, and they make it look easy. B-Boying is an art form that is predominantly practiced by guys; young men and boys delve in, throwing themselves around until they perfect their moves. This is incredibly hard work, and takes a toll on the body.

So what about the ladies? What is a B-Girl? And how does she hold up when it comes to breaking? A B-Girl by definition is a female version of a B-Boy. She is a lover of the hip hop culture, a break girl who dances and gets down to the rhythms of funky beats, and she practices the same four fundamental aspects of breaking: Toprock, Footwork, Freezes, and Power. There are, however, different aspects and challenges that a B-Girl encounters that most B-Boys don't.

To begin with, breaking is a very difficult form of athleticism, and it utilizes muscles in parts of the body most are not even aware of. There is no question it demands strength. It is a known fact that the male body is physically stronger than the female body. Another setback is a woman's center of gravity. Whereas many freezes and power moves come a bit more naturally for the guys because their center of gravity is in their shoulders, females hold their center in their abdomen. This means they cannot learn the identical technique of power moves or even freezes created by B-Boys. A true B-Girl is determined to adapt to these challenges and overcome them with dedication and just as much hard work, with just a slight adjustment to many of the moves.

Many B-Girls are ridiculed for trying to dance exactly like the guys. They are fixated on being viewed equally, with no easy props given based on sex. This can often be disadvantageous because a female's body differs physically from that of her fellow male dancers, and so her moves and style are bound to look different, often revealing her weakness or slower nature. Because of this, many B-Girls have finally woken up and begun to deliver their own style, with feminine finesse. They've stepped out of the shadow of the B-Boy and are now dancing in the cipher and even battling with their own natural assets, a flare that B-Boys can't pull off.

A B-Girl is amongst a smaller group of these elite dancers we call B-Boys. Around the world they break, practice, sweat and dedicate their lives to accomplishing the seemingly impossible: true freedom of expression and equality in a field dominated by men. She uses her female essence as part of her movement within the hip hop culture, speaking the same universal urban language, only an octave higher.

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